Magnificent 7 Slash
A fabulous archive featuring Ezra and nothing but Ezra. Once you enter this site you'll never leave it, well I didn't anyway.  (BTW: If I were you I'd join the EBoS list, you'll never find I nicer bunch of people.)
Not only does Cyc write lovely stories, but she makes pretty pictures too!
A great archive for Vin and Ezra slash.
Lumina~'s Ezra-centric slash fiction. Definitely worth a visit.
Amazing fanfiction by Rose Ferguson. Opens on the warning page so just follow the link in.
BlueKat's homepage. It's not all Magnificent Seven slash, but there's certainly enough to keep you happy. (And great quality too. ^_^)
Here is where Turtle's great Slash fic can be found.
Lots of great stories for you to read. (Both Mag7 and The Sentinel.)
Starwinder's site. Lovely stories, make sure you have time for this place!

Magnificent 7 Gen
Home to Jo Ann's Gen fiction. Can I get away with saying this place is magnificent?
You can find Turtle's Gen fic here.

An archive of slash written for TV shows shown in the UK.
Complete Kingdom Of Slash.
Many, many slash archives and other great things.
A collection of stories where characters basically wake up one day and decide they're gay.
Slash, slash, and what's that? More slash! Very helpful for slash writers.

Writer's Resources
English slang, Gaelic slang, Dutch slang, this place has all of it and more. (Best of all, they have Welsh slang! coc oen anyone?)
Too many fandom archives to count.
Online dictionary/thesaurus.
What the title says.
What the title says, a web site for urban legends. It tells you whether they're true or just bull too, which is very nice of them.
Online language convertor.